13 Women Reviews

"Stunning" Bambi Grinder/Noteworthy Music (includes an interview with Susan)

“5 Stars: Decidedly fetching vocals and arrangements suggesting markedly eclectic roots…smartly crafted songs that, as good songs often do, seem to end too soon.” Duane Vehr/Roots Music Report

"Exceptional album...beautifully crafted music and lyrics...13 Women soars, thanks to Anders' earthy, richly emotive vocals, wrapping themselves warmly around the heartening subject matter." Paul Freeman/Pop Culture Classics

"Essential listening...exemplary writing skills and fabulous voice." Rocking Magpie

"Anders expertly combines elements of folk, pop, rock and even some jazz influences while consistently presenting lyric messages of inspiration, perseverance and triumph." Ron Wynn/Nashville Scene

"An effusive musical tapestry that puts the spotlight on Anders’ breezy vocals and sublime sentiments." Lee Zimmerman/Goldmine (March 2021 print edition)

"Anders is most obviously a master vocalist...Anders’ latest is a deep volume that continually reveals elements that charm and please." Fervor Coulee

"Of course I had to look every one of them up, see their stories, it's fantastic."
Marty Duda/13 Floor (MusicTalk Interview with Susan)

"Susan Anders has made a remarkable album about 13 remarkable women...The whole album is wonderful and features a stellar cast of Nashville musicians and singers." Ear2theground

"Mixing folk and pop styles with lush harmonies, Susan Ander's latest album 13 Women is a historical trip through time with some extraordinary women." Bob Silvestri, Best of WNY 

"Delightfully ambitious." Music City Mike (includes an interview with Susan)

"A brilliant songwriter and musician." Tempo and the Times podcast

"What I love about this album is that some are not household names, I'm discovering new women from history." Carol Boss/Women's Focus KUNM (interview with Susan)

Organic with some nicely done colorations here and there, it’s a record that makes you think without making you  realize it."
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Fascinating stories." Rootstime

"Avoids predictable choices while (writing in their voices) going into elements of their lives that aren't widely noted." Bruce Sylvester/Goldmine

"This album has a very cool concept" Tom Von Malder/Courier Publications

"Susan closes her new album with the powerful message of "What A Woman Can Do."" JP's Music Blog

"These songs might inspire you to do a little research on these women, for there are some incredible stories behind these songs." Michael's Music Blog