13 Women Reviews

"Stunning" Bambi Grinder/Noteworthy Music (includes an interview with Susan)

“5 Stars: Decidedly fetching vocals and arrangements suggesting markedly eclectic roots…smartly crafted songs that, as good songs often do, seem to end too soon.” Duane Vehr/Roots Music Report

"Essential listening...exemplary writing skills and fabulous voice." Rocking Magpie

"An effusive musical tapestry that puts the spotlight on Anders’ breezy vocals and sublime sentiments." Lee Zimmerman/Goldmine (March 21 print edition)

"Susan Anders has made a remarkable album about 13 remarkable women...The whole album is wonderful and features a stellar cast of Nashville musicians and singers." Ear2theground

"Delightfully ambitious." Music City Mike (includes an interview with Susan)

"Organic with some nicely done colorations here and there, it’s a record that makes you think without making you  realize it."
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Fascinating stories." Rootstime

"Susan closes her new album with the powerful message of "What A Woman Can Do."" JP's Music Blog

"These songs might inspire you to do a little research on these women, for there are some incredible stories behind these songs." Michael's Music Blog