Susan's Room (1991-2001)

"This is music for adults: smart, witty, and insightful, all perfectly arranged and performed." Dirty Linen

"Catchy acoustic pop with wickedly clever lyrics." Oakland Tribune

Throughout the 90s Susan and her husband Tom Manche toured and recorded with their band Susan's Room. Susan and Tom met the summer after she moved to Los Angeles, right before she was about to start recording her first CD, Susan's Room. Tom co-produced the CD with Casey Dolan and then formed the band with Susan. After the second CD, Lion in the Living Room, they got married. Some time after that Susan found herself in both a loud electric mood and a quiet acoustic mood, so at the same time they recorded and released the third and fourth CDs, Thicker and Thinner. Their final CD, Room #5, came out in 2001, a year before they moved to Nashville. For most of the CDs and shows their bandmates Albe Bonacci and Ritt Henn were on drums and bass. 

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